KnK Mudslinger SRIII

The third generation of the popular KnK Mudslinger, the SR-III is a new offering from KnK for the off–road buff.(Born to be wild !!!)Manufactured by KnK Karts (P) Ltd., who have been in the kart building business for 17 years, the popular Mudslinger is now i

KnK Sidewinder SR-II

Newest addition to the range of karts from Karts ‘n’ Kitcars is under development and testing. The Sidewinder is a fun kart for two person with suspension front and rear and a fixed roll cage.The KnK Sidewinder (under development and testing), makes an ide

KnK Trailblazer

Trailblazing a new form of adventure karting sport using special purpose karts that can be driven on unsurfaced tracks and trails. Enjoy the thrill of drifting into and powering out of turns. Drive on surfaces comprising loose mud, Pebbles, Grass etc. Meet the

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Go karts are not permitted to be operated on any public road, street, lane, by-lane, highway, sidewalk or alleyway, driving them in such places may be a violation of local laws, Only operate karts on private properties or in areas that are specifically designated for such purposes..


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