Genesis SXe  

For Junior and Senior drivers sizes

The Genesis SXe is built specifically for indoor use where exhaust fumes are a cause for concern. The ideal kart for Arrive & Drive Rental tracks, it is a 'clever electric kart' that is designed and built to meet the requirements of the rental karting business.

The SXe shares a lot of its mechanical parts like the spindles, tie rods, replaceable steering mounts, split bearing housings, brake components and more. This makes repair easy and quick ensuring that the kart spends maximum time "On-Track", earning money. Also part inventory does not need to be specific to this model.

To know more about the Genesis SXe, please drop us a message and we will respond to your queries.


Go karts are not permitted to be operated on any public road, street, lane, by-lane, highway, sidewalk or alleyway, driving them in such places may be a violation of local laws, Only operate karts on private properties or in areas that are specifically designated for such purposes..


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