Tyremate Tool  

You can get a general idea about how the KnK Tyremate Tool works by watching the following videos

Animation of Assembly and taking apart -

Front Tyre Removal -

Front Tyre Assembly -

Rear Tyre Removal -

Rear Tyre Assembly -

Tyremate Tool

Truly a tool with a difference

The Tyremate is designed to make your job of mounting and dismounting gokart tyres a breeze without damaging the tyrebead and the rim. Some of the features include -

    - Compact design

    - Easy operation

    - Easy to set up

    - Adaptable to suit all wheel sizes and tyre types

    - Can be mounted to – 1.Table top 2.Bench 3.Stand or Frame 4.Kart Trolley

    - Can be clamped into a bench vice too


Go karts are not permitted to be operated on any public road, street, lane, by-lane, highway, sidewalk or alleyway, driving them in such places may be a violation of local laws, Only operate karts on private properties or in areas that are specifically designated for such purposes..


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