KnK Karts (P) Ltd. are associated with design firm Visions Concepts Realities (P) Ltd (VCR for short) for design and development of karts manufactured by KnK Karts (P) Ltd. From the first kart built in 1997 we grew to making a single model of rental kart named Genesis. Today we offer karts that cover almost every type of karting activity.

KnK Karts manufacture all their karts by hand with experienced craftsmen and welders using the finest materials throughout the manufacturing process. These karts are the product of following an unorthodox approach and studying karting from a perspective of functionality rather than from approaching it with conventional thinking. Based upon the firm belief that a kart must respond to the smallest changes to it's setting, the karts manufactured by us are designed to respond to these small changes to chassis settings and perform well "out of the box" with minimum set up. Our karts are not the typical UEK (Universal European Kart) built by robots but rather like the race karts used by the factory teams, which are hand built. It's a product you need to test; it will make you a believer.

What drives us!

Technological excellence, innovation and customer service are the key words at KnK Karts. These are the basis of its thinking, its passion and its history. KnK Karts are an assurance of quality, which results in superior reliability and safety in the karts. Continuous developments mean that innovation is a constant dynamic in the approach to making the KnK Kart.

KnK Karts - Unique

Loaded with features that approach the needs of the user from an efficient and practical angle.

KnK Karts - Association

We have built long associations over the years with our users strengthened by the drive behind our approach of supporting them in every way possible, through innovative design features and spare parts, even for early models of KnK Karts.


KnK Karts - Convenience

Conveniently designed on a common platform of assemblies and parts, KnK karts work hard at keeping to a minimum the inventory of customers. Ease of accessibility and service makes repairs and replacement of worn parts a simple and time efficient operation with spare parts that are priced to be reasonable.

KnK Karts - Network

A network of tracks using KnK Karts in India ensures that customers looking for a safe and thrilling ride can always find a karting track nearest where they are. We are making new advances in assuring a similar networking overseas and in new markets.

Our Factory


Go karts are not permitted to be operated on any public road, street, lane, by-lane, highway, sidewalk or alleyway, driving them in such places may be a violation of local laws, Only operate karts on private properties or in areas that are specifically designated for such purposes..


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