The KnK Cub is a kart developed specially for the rental kart industry, built along the same specifications as the race trainer karts used in motor racing developed countries of Europe, England, USA and Australia.

Colt - S8

The Colt S8 is a kart specifically designed for children between the ages of 8 and 13, for Arrive & Drive Rental tracks. The Colt is built on a strong frame. It is an ideally suited kart built to meet the requirements of karting for this age group. Li

Genesis - S8

The ideal kart for Arrive & Drive Rental tracks. It is built to meet the requirements of the rental karting business. Replaceable steering and seat mounts as well as split bearing housings make repair easy and quick ensuring that the kart spends maximum ti

Genesis - SX8

The SX series of Genesis rental karts was introduced in the year 2012. The Genesis SX8 is the latest update to the popular SX series of KnK Genesis rental kart. The SX8 is the perfect heavy duty kart for Arrive & Drive Rental tracks. The Genesis SX8 is con

Genesis - TS8

The Genesis TS8 is built on the strong and reliable Genesis SX type chassis platform, it is compact for easy maneuverability and storage. It shares the exact same footprint size of the Genesis SX8. The Genesis TS8 is loaded with features that make it perfectly


KnK Evo M15 is a kart built especially to the requirements of Meco Racing for the new and exciting series of 4-stroke kart racing, the Meco-Phoenix SCC Karting Championship. SCC stands for Schools, Colleges, Corporates.

Genesis SXe

The Genesis SXe is built specifically for indoor use where exhaust fumes are a cause for concern. The ideal kart for Arrive & Drive Rental tracks, it is a 'clever electric kart' that is designed and built to meet the requirements of the rental karting busi

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Go karts are not permitted to be operated on any public road, street, lane, by-lane, highway, sidewalk or alleyway, driving them in such places may be a violation of local laws, Only operate karts on private properties or in areas that are specifically designated for such purposes..


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