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Jake Mayes secured a first position at the Wild tracks circuit last month in the Honda Cadet class. Jake will now be moving to cadet class racing at the national level and everyone at KnK Karts wish him all success in the nationals in 2006.

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England New race graphics individually identifies the KnK Integra World Formula kart, which earned itself a No. 2 plate for 2006 at a British MSA National event.

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August 6th weekend - New driver Michael Dunston has joined Jake Mayes in the Honda Cadet class. Michael drove an excellent race considering he raced for the first time. Jake finished second in the Honda Cadet class in spite of a flat tyre in the finals.

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Jake Mayes currently leads the Cadet class at Red Lodge Karting, he races the KnK Juvenile Cadet in the Honda Cadet class.

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The first weekend of June we raced again in England. After winning in all the pre-final qualifying and heats Jake Mayes recorded his very first win in the Cadet class.

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KnK Juvenile – Cadet 2/4 – The Honda Cadet is a popular class in the UK where most cadet drivers start their racing careers at club and national level meets.

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India is gently making its presence felt in the international motor racing scene. Narain K’s very impressive debut into Formula 1 is recognised as the most promising amongst the rookie drivers this year, this says a lot. Karun Chandok and Arman Ebrahim are also showing great form and skill.

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Karting in India is looking to grow beyond the boundaries that we have known so far. Narain (Kart he can) Kartikeyan making it into Formula 1 has suddenly increased the interest and improved Indian motor sport viewer ship many fold.

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