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The racing for the year ended on a happy note for KnK, the final round of the Rotax Challenge at Kolhapur in September had Ameya Walewalkar run away from the field in the Senior class and little Nikhil Kashyap finished a convincing second in Minimax.

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After a wet Wednesday, Thursday looked like it might be dry. The track was alive with the sound of Rotax engines while tuners and drivers set about there karts looking for new settings for a circuit they had not driven on before.

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During the off-season, we ran the Karting First (K1) Kartsmart training school for the KnK Racing Team – India (see newsletter NL 0206).

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The off-season had us running the Karting First (K1) Kartsmart training school for members of the KnK Racing Team – India (see newsletter NL 0206).

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The off-season is always an interesting time for developmental work; a time to put to test all the different theories that bounce off the packing cases and karts in the paddock and echo down the fast draining beer glasses as the sun goes down each day.

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After the Birmingham Kart Show in December 2005, KnK Karts were on display at the London NEC kart show in January this year.

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